5 benefits of sleeping together

See how sleep with who you love can do you good

Who does not like to sleep with a good company? And know that this can be beneficial to your well-being and offer you more quality of life makes this habit even more pleasurable. Here's how to sleep with whoever you like you can benefit.

1 - It facilitates the detection of problems
Sleeping together may help understand health problems and to prevent the deaths of whom he shares a bed with you - that's what says the study by the University of Minnesota in the United States.
According to research, when you share the bed with someone, they can tell when you suffer from sleep apnea or even when you have a early infarction. So sleep with someone can save your life.

2 - Helps reduce stress levels
A University of Pittsburgh in the United States, reveals that the sleeper has accompanied your cortisol levels - hormone related to stress - decreased.
Another benefit of sleep with someone, according to the study by the University of North Carolina, also in the US, showed that women who received more hugs, had their high levels of oxytocin - hormone related to affection - increased, while your blood pressure and heart rate decreased.
Considering these data, one can say that is good for health sleep monitored and receive hugs, either in bed or out of it.

3 - It helps you think clearly and to better solve problems
According to the Spanish psychologist Douglas Quintero, sleep together helps to better analyze the issues of the relationship and make it more tolerant and rational way. According to him, think about the problems while they are physically close and a cozy atmosphere makes it easy to solve them.

4 - Helps fight insomnia
A study by the Department of Psychology at Ryerson U., Canada, found that the dynamics of a relationship directly influences an individual's sleep routine. That is, when both begin to> sleep together, end up sleeping conditioned on the two at the same time, creating a healthy sleep routine and decreasing the chances of insomnia.

5 - Leverages the benefits of a good night's sleep
Women sleeping together is more likely to fall asleep quickly and wake less often Durantes at night, compared to single, according to a survey by the University of Pittsburgh.
Another revealing data is that men are moving more during the night, however, women - when alone - tend to have a sleep even more disturbed than men who sleep alone.
Now that you know that sleeping together does so well to us women, you have one more reason to sleep spooning with that special someone.

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