5 Reasons for you to Sleep Naked

Sleep without clothes can do very well for your health and quality of life in general

Each has its quirks and secrets at bedtime. Just as there are people for whom it does not matter the type of clothing, there are people who can not sleep with any piece of clothing. And you, as usually sleep? Because you should know that this simple routine can make a difference in their quality of life in general.

In any case, experts ensure that sleep naked or scantily clad might do well to various aspects of your life, including physical and emotional health. Curious? Check out five good reasons for you to pass proven to sleep naked::

1. Increase self-esteem

Get naked makes you have more contact with yourself and with your body. Being naked and natural can create a stronger bond between you and your body, through the recognition and acceptance.

You may pass to admire him and, consequently, to take care more of it. This will certainly make you feel more beautiful and good about yourself, which will increase their self-esteem and confidence.

2. It's good for your intimate health

Sleep naked or no panties is a recurring recommendation of gynecologists. The intention is to let ventilate the vaginal area, which is already wet and hot. According to Dr. Denise Leite, professor at the School of Medicine of Petropolis, when there is a heightened presence of heat and humidity, you may experience the fungus and the imbalance of the normal flora of the region, which causes an increase in the number of natural bacterial organism.
"With this increase, some diseases can arise, such as vaginosis infection, candida and vaginitis. You can still occur the presence of bad smell, discharge, burning and itching in the region, "he adds.

3. You will more sex

More self esteem means more sensuality, of course, still attracts your partner. Doctors explain that skin contact with skin releases a hormone called oxytocin, the "love hormone". In addition to feeling more closely linked, the visual stimulus and the intimacy of naked sleep will encourage you to do more sex, improving your relationship and your mood.

4. Your sleep will be better

Your sleep may be better without any interference of clothes. Sometimes it can happen that some clothes squeeze you, rolling, scratching etc. and any external stimulus can cause you to wake up or skip some stage of sleep, disrupting the quality of your rest.

Added to this, experts say keep low body temperature is important during sleep because your body naturally tends to cool. So keep hot while sleeping, can cause your body does not enjoy all the benefits that sleep can provide you.

5. You will be more beautiful

Quality of sleep is directly linked to their well being. Based on the same reason as above, the body cooling during sleep, some doctors suggest that sleep naked helps prevent a hot body temperature, which could prevent your body could release their regenerative hormones. A good night's sleep improves your skin, your hair, your mood and the overall functioning of your body, leaving you certainly more beautiful and healthy.

Sleeping well also makes you feel less hungry, and can help you to lose some flab. Did you see how much good stuff?

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