8 Secrets of how to have a good night's Sleep

Through a night's sleep we know if our day will be good or not. A good night's sleep means, and the mood and the energy of the day ahead. There are over eighty sleep disorders, including, insomnia and sleep apnea. These disorders make people feel unwell, nervous and excessive
sleepiness during the day, causing a lack of concentration needed for day-to-day.

What is the remedy for a good night's sleep?

Remedy only with medical consultation and if really needed. Most often, the secret to a good night's sleep is simple. Correctly following the 8 tips below, so you sleep with the angels!
1- The pillow is the best friend of sleep. Choose well the material your pillow and the position it is placed. Sleeping on your side is the best option, with pillow height equal to the distance between the outside of the arm and neck..

2- Avoid sleeping once you get the work look about recreation and relaxation before..

3- TV or computer, may delay the production of substances that signal it's time to sleep. Turn them off.

4- Do not practice exercise near bedtime. Do this at least 4 hours before going to bed..

5- snacks and do not overdo it at dinner. Avoid eating red meat at night, it produces substances that increase the adrenaline..

6- Herbs like chamomile help to sleep and improve sleep quality, make a tea before bed, it is guaranteed tranquility.

7- Avoid alcohol. The sense of relaxation is momentary and loosens the pharyngeal region of structures, compromising breathing and causing snoring, which will cause you to wake up several times during the night..

8- A warm bath and some drops of lavender oil on the pillow will help you relax your body and sleep very well.
Simple and easy tips that will make your more pleasant evenings. Never forget to sleep at least seven hours a night to wake up ready the next day. Good evening!

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