Apple and Ericsson raise to judicial proceedings against each other as a result of disagreement over patents

Ericsson submitted today, Further to action carried out by Apple counterpart, legal action in the Eastern District Court of Texas government asking it to issue the license fee payable to their advantage from Apple.

Negotiations have existed between the two companies over the past two years, but it has not been reached agreement on licensing of patents for technologies Ericsson approved in Apple's mobile devices, which supports call functions and run many applications.

Ericsson has filed the case in order to obtain an independent assessment of whether the display of the license submitted to Apple compatible with their own standards to ensure being fair and acceptable and is unfair.

It is noteworthy that the validity of the global license agreement between Ericsson and Apple mobile technology is over, Apple has refused to apply for a new license and just unacceptable and unjust. The proceeds will Ericsson of intellectual property rights for the fourth quarter of 2014 payments by Apple include within the framework of the previous agreement.

Ericsson is committed to license patents for the basic invention in accordance with the fair and acceptable and is unfair conditions to ensure the provision of equal opportunities for all companies, and reduce barriers to market entry, and increasing levels of competition in order to drive innovation.

As a result of the adoption of this fair conditions unacceptable and unfair, the world is experiencing today and there are about 7.5 billion subscribe to mobile phone services, and is the best-selling worldwide consumer electronics and mobile phones.

Ericsson has one of the broadest intellectual property rights groups at the sector level, with more than 35 thousand registered patents worldwide. Ericsson has so far signed more than 100 patent license agreement with most of the major players in the communication sector.

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