Best way to delete permanently files from computer

There is no one that can save your personal files on the computer being ..

How many people know that files delete the from the computer? . not going to delete the file, we should have been there a few days, With so many available today, file recovery software to do it.. What's the status of a given semester, and a computer service? (I believe it belongs to everyone) ....... Thus the leak videos And then Published Youtube and other sites, Sort by Many girls committed suicide, Damage can be caused by many families .
We can understand from this that it will not be for more than one trick.... This may be a danger of giving way to delete the following files to the memory of our computer...

(This is try at own risk) 

First, press the WIN key + R to open the run window. 

Type the CMD then Click OK 

 If commend window is open and type "cipher / W: C: \" and then press the Enter Key

As you drive to each of the: eg: cipher/W:E:\ , cipher/W:D:\ etc. ..

Caution : Programs do not forget to close all of your work on the computer before installing it,, It will take more than an hour of time to become normal to Finish.,,, It will change depending on the size of your hard disk..

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