Fruits that help you Rejuvenate your face

Keep the perfect face is the most common daily struggle, since over the years, the body and the face gradually lose their tone, so it is necessary to have several skin care to get keep her young.
Not only the years age the face, but also things like: poor hygiene, excessive use of makeup, using products without recommendation,
appearance of fine lines, all kinds of open spots and pores, among others. For this reason, skin care is essential, as is the cover letter we offer to the world. Get to know the best natural products to keep the young face.

The fruits contain a high amount of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that are not only fundamental to the body, but also bring great benefits to be used as masks on the skin. Learn best fruits for this purpose.

1:- MANGO. 

This fruit is a favorite, as the large amount of vitamin A that brings acts directly on the skin, helping it to recover the elasticity and the disappearance of wrinkles. The sleeve is a great ally of health and who want to recover a few years in their physical appearance.

Papaya is one of the fruits that have more antioxidants on the market. Its consumption helps us improve digestion, and thus eliminate substances that no longer need, so we get so a healthier body. All benefits are linked to a substance called papain, which eliminates impurities and dead cells from the body, and in turn, recovers damaged. If papain is applied to the skin are obtained benefits in the recovery and removal of dead tissue.


Orange citrus is one of the most vitamin C to bring the body. It helps to keep our body healthy and acts on the skin keeping it smooth, it also brings basic antioxidants to keep clean and youthful skin. Orange has become one of the most used beauty products lately when it comes to rejuvenate the face, as it is known for its great contribution of collagen, which helps keep our skin young, so very important for cosmetic in order to get smoother skin.

 4:- LEMON.

the Lemon works in skin restoration process because it contains high percentages of vitamin C, moreover, for their high production, is available every day of the year in the different markets in the world, making the lemon a favorite treatments, and also, for its versatility. The lemon not only brings vitamin C, it can also be applied directly to the skin helping to eliminate pimples, blackheads and other imperfections that produces an oily skin, this powerful citric can intervene favorably. It is not recommended sun exposure during treatment, it can generate stains by UV rays. And furthermore, the application of lime should not be excessive.

The banana is rich in potassium and magnesium, in addition, contains many vitamins for the body which are essential to have a healthy development. This food is very effective in sports, because if the person is tired, physical or intellectual fatigue, banana benefits the strengthening and recovery of the body. Regarding the consumption of banana skin rejuvenation, consider your greatest benefits is the maximum amount of vitamin that has, like vitamin A, B and E, each of these acts as an antioxidant in the body.

Do not forget!
To maintain healthy skin is also necessary to use large quantities of water, since it hydrates the skin and clean of impurities. The ideal is to accompany all this with good nutrition along with the use of sunscreens, which help to protect and improve the aspect of the face. All beauty routines require constancy to bring results. It has to be a repetitive process and no excuses, because only then the results will be obtained.

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