Google plans to sell mobile phone services.

Google Inc. is seeking to enter soon in a new market entirely, where it plans according to recent reports offer and sale of mobile telecommunications services directly to customers in the United States.

According to reports published by the site "T by Information" and "Wall Street Journal" quoted informed sources, the company is preparing to sell cell contact bouquets directly to its customers, which will be responsible for managing phone calls, and they connect to the Internet via mobile phones.
Currently, you will not Google the establishment a communication infrastructure their own, but will return to the rental access to my company T-Mobile and Sprint networks, which are preparing one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, but Google will be responsible for packages and prices and provide services and direct sales to customers.
The sources expect that the entry of Google this area will lead to intense competition ends to reduce prices and raise the speed Internet connection.
It is noteworthy that this will not be the first to enter the company in the field of direct selling telecommunications services, where it was launched in the year 2011, "Google Fiber" service to sell high-speed in a limited number of US cities Internet connections, as it was announced yesterday that its investment in technology company satellites SpaceX seeking high-speed and low-cost Internet broadcast from space to earth.

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