Google raises applied to control a computer via the iPhone and iPad

Google has introduced for users of devices "iPhone" and iPad "a new application allows them access to their computers and remote-controlled.

The new application called "Chrome Remote Desktop" Chrome Remote Desktop is based on adding special browser Chrome user needs to be installed on your computer from the Chrome App Store, so he could then create a connection between your computer and your phone or computer tablet via the system's iOS app version.

The application that provides the last year for devices Android allows, for all basic control operations, such as mouse control through the touch of your phone or computer tablet screen, and use your own keyboard phone to write within the computer screen, and protect your computer with a password so that should the user entered before access to the surface Abjahazh Office

IOS app available in the Apple AppStore, while the application of the "Chrome" is available in the shop, "Chrome applications ".

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