Samsung officially launches its first phone system Tizen in India

Samsung announced on Wednesday officially launch "Samsung Z-1", it is the first smart phone works of its operating system, "Tizen" in India at a price of roughly $ 90.

And falls "Z 1" new category of smart phones
under low standards, and includes PLS screen measuring 4 inches and accurately 800 × 480 pixels, and
768 MB of RAM, 4 GB of internal storage memory expandable up to 64 GB.

It features the first Tizen phone available in the market dual-core processor at a frequency of 1.2 GHz, and the rear camera accurately 3.1 megapixel front and another 0.3 megapixel accurately.

And have a "Z-1", which weighs 112 grams and comes with a thickness of 9.7 millimeters, the battery capacity of 1500 mAh / h, it supports 3G only network "Wi-Fi" technology "Bluetooth 4.1", and networks of the third generation "wealthy G".

On the software side, the device works version 2.3 of open source Tizen operating system developed by Samsung in collaboration with a number of companies most notably Intel.

The company says that the phone is characterized by a time of fast boot, and improved performance Web, as well as the efficient use of the battery, thanks to what it called "light Tizen platform."

To attract Indian consumers, Samsung attached to the phone, which is available in black and white and red burgundy, set free entertainment offers, such as free voice local and movies clips.

The launch of the smartphone "Z-1" After years of talking about Tizen phone system that Samsung hopes to reduce its dependence on the Android operating system of Google Inc., which occupies most of the company's devices.

Where there was talk in early 2013 for a phone Tizen high specifications for raises in later that year, but it did not happen, and then in the last year, Samsung had planned to launch Tizen phone Average specifications for raises in Russia, which has been postponed to later.

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