Samsung plans to launch a new smart phone operating system "Windows Phone"

A news report said that Samsung, in a move to reduce dependence on the Android operating system, is considering the launch of smart phones cheaper operating platform "Windows 8.1" of the Microsoft Corporation.
The newspaper "The Korea Times" Korea Times quoted an official directly involved in the company's plans said, "Samsung has launched pilot programs about the stability of Windows 8.1 platform
on hardware. It is interested in the promotion of mobile devices operating system and Windows. "
But the report, which was released Sunday, pointed out that the main issue is whether the Samsung and Microsoft Sitsoean continuing legal dispute over royalties property rights.
The official added, "If the two companies resolved their own lawsuits, Samsung will manufacture mobile phones operating platform developed by Microsoft, could be the timing of it during the third quarter of this year at the earliest."
The move comes after Samsung devices operating failed open source Tizen operating system - which was developed by the company in collaboration with Intel - to get the desired applications and content developers support.
The official said, "This year, Samsung plans to promote the system Tizen, but the main focus will continue to TVs, and not for mobile devices." "With the launch of Windows machines, you can manage for Samsung phones work in low- and middle sectors of the devices, to high standards."
The report also pointed out that the Windows Phone plan based on the results of ongoing and related property rights disputes, and Microsoft had been Samsung to court after the latter refused to pay what he must pay the royalties on time.
Samsung was the last year has pushed another one trillion won (912 million US dollars) of royalties to Microsoft. It is said that the latter had asked Samsung phones running Windows platform compared to manufacturing updated license agreement signed earlier.
With the news about the determination of the Samsung launch smart phones running Windows Phone operating system, other companies decided to stop the launch of such devices, such as Huawei, which one of its officials said during the month of December / December last year that the smartphone operating manufacturing system and Windows Phone does not bring encouraging profits.
According to figures from research firm, "IDC" IDC, the share of mobile operating system, Windows Phone sales during the third quarter of last year did not go beyond the barrier of 2.9 percent, compared with 11.7 percent for Apple smart, and the proportion of 84.4 percent for devices Android.

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