Samsung plans to launch Tizen phones advantage run Android apps

Samsung plans to provide the first smartphone operating the new operating system Tizen, to be renamed the "Z-1" Z1 and launched this year, the advantage of running the Android system applications.

Samsung is cooperating with the company "Open Mobile" to provide applied ACL system
Tizen, an application that will create a working environment to run Android applications on the new operating system.

For its part, the company "Open Mobile" she said, through her official website, that the application of ACL will provide users Tizen phones hundreds of thousands of dedicated system Android applications.

And will include Android applications offered by "Open Mobile" which, based Tizen, popular applications such as "Watts August" talks and "Skype" and "Wii Chat" applications, and applications for social networks, such as "LinkedIn", and applications of games like Temple Run and versions of the game angry birds.

The video posted on YouTube shows the application is running, "Watts August" on Tizen system using the work environment to be provided by the application of ACL for Android applications, video and pointed out that the application works the same efficiency on the Android system, but it consumes more battery power as much.

It is expected to launch the Samsung phone "Z 1" at a later time during the month of January with some global markets beginning of the Indian market, at a price not to exceed US $ 90.

It is expected that Samsung "Z-1" phone has screen measuring 4 inches with a resolution of 480 × 800 pixels, as well as dual-core processor speed of 1.2 GHz, along with Rear Camera accurately 3.2 megapixel front camera accurately VGA, memory and random capacity and access to 512MB.

It is noteworthy that Samsung targeting emerging markets in particular, smart phones operating system "Tizen", in order to bodies accredited sales support primarily up to date on the Android system.

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