Facebook announces new tools for sale purposes in groups.

Facebook, Inc. today announced the availability of new tools has already tested, which allows users to display their purposes to facilitate the buying and selling within the Facebook groups.

The new features via a new button located next to the "spread" Post, which was launched by the company name "" Sell sale, allowing members of the groups within the Facebook network the ability to add their own purposes, which Aarodhanha for sale within these groups button.

The new button allows a set of adjustable options to clarify the most important information for the purpose for which it is displayed, so that can be written purpose name, its price, and the place of delivery, while providing the option for sellers to amend the publication shows a button "available" Available or "Sold" Sold down the publication .

The company explained that it allows private sales operations of the new features within the groups in the coming months for Facebook users over the Web, Android, and iOS, but managers can request the groups manually activate the option to make an early feature to have.

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