How did you get whatsapp calls in feature

How did you get whatsapp calls feature

In fact, I got voice calls feature in whatsapp after he a friend -mmn reached them feature for Tejrebh- contact me via the application, and then was activated calls whatsapp automatically have, so you can connect a lot of friends who in turn got the service also.

Initial evaluation of the quality whatsapp calls

Without any exaggeration have not used a similar application in my life in terms of the purity of sound and quality, not to mention the connection speed in real time, in addition to ease of contact persons by clicking one button. Perhaps the connection quality and purity comes from not being exposed to great pressure from users, Few are those with this feature in the world compared with the large number of users whatsapp in general.

Stop the automatic activation of calls whatsapp feature.

In fact, I tried yesterday to help as many of you can reach them and communicate with them from various countries around the world, and managed a large number of them to get service, while many complained that they Despite receiving contact whatsapp by me but they can not find the call button in the application , This is of course what sparked Haste makes me communicate with the media Watts August and who assured me that this service is limited to a certain number of people are automatic activation feature stop at call a friend from time to time in accordance with the requirements of the pilot phase.

Too many questions after Experience whatsapp calls.

If whatsapp was able to maintain this high level of quality of the connection after the official launch of the feature and made available to all users, FIA see what will be the position of telecommunications companies in the world in general, and the Arab world in particular? Especially and I assure you here that this application poses a major threat to their revenues based on two things: the quality of the connection, and the large number of users to apply Watts August. So we will see the adoption of service and coexistence with by telecommunications companies, or whether they decide to face through, for example, blocking or charging extra fees to use the application?

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