RapidShare Announce Stop the active service

The famous file-sharing site RapidShare announced via message appears when you visit date for the final stop, which was decided on 31 March , which will delete all user accounts and their data.
He advised all users of the site to secure their data task and took copies of them, he will delete all accounts and data automatically after the deadline will not be possible to reach a timely manner.

RapidShare site has tried to reclassify the same storage cloud and amended its policy to combat pirated materials service, and after that has been shut down site Megaupload and trial of cases related to property rights, but things did not go well, and the site laid off 75 percent of its staff early in 2014.

It is noteworthy that RapidShare site based in Switzerland to him, was released for the first time in 2002, and saw a large turnout by millions of visitors every month, and that during the period of glory a few years ago, before the more sophisticated services come the likes of "Google Drive" and "Drop Box "and others.

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