Samsung plans to provide the Galaxy S 6 With 20 megapixel camera

Samsung plans to provide her upcoming Galaxy S 6 cameras resolution up to 20 megapixels with OIS optical image installed, with the company's eagerness to improve the capabilities of the camera in an all-new version of the smart phones leading the series.

The camera is one of the most important leading smart phone features, Samsung was always at the forefront when it comes to providing excellent camera on the performance of its organs.

And the relocation of "Sam Mobile" sources from within the company that the Galaxy S 6 will include background 20 megapixel camera accurately, Front and other 5 megapixel, and Mstchari cameras made by Samsung itself.
Site - specialist news Samsung - said the rear camera will be able to accurately imaging 20 megapixel, 15 megapixel, 11 megapixel, 8 megapixel, 6-megapixel, 2.4 megapixel.

Had the information published by Sam Mobile based on a prototype of the upcoming phone, pointed out that it is not yet clear whether it intends to provide the final version of the phone camera provides this precision.
The site also pointed out that it depends on factors such as the price of the camera and Samsung's ability to meet demand sensor, so it is likely that the company deliberately to provide phone Galaxy S 6 EDGE such accuracy of the limited amount that it intends to produce.

Sam Mobile and obtained information concerning the application of the camera on the Galaxy S phones and Galaxy S 6 6 EDGE, where Samsung plans to use programming interfaces APIs applications that appeared on the latest version 5.0 "Lollipop" of the Android operating system to provide a professional setting in the application.

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