What types of shoes that we should not use?

Most women know to use very high heels and is often quite uncomfortable and causes the feet suffer the consequences later. But nevertheless use this type of shoe daily.
Is fully proven that the frequent use of heels over 3 inches tall and whose tip is very thin is damaging to the health of the feet, as it can cause the development of bunions, a permanent disability of foot bones that besides unsightly is very painful.
Researchers at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, in collaboration with the Clinical Cemtro conducted a study and presented at the World Podiatry Congress in Rome, Italy.
Dr. Rubén Sánchez Gomez, author of the study and podiatry service member of this clinical recognized in Madrid, said that until now it was known that the very fine-tipped shoes can cause severe deformities in the bones of the feet when used too often, but had not yet discovered that heels with regular height were responsible for causing the bunion.

How the researchers come to this conclusion?

To reach such a conclusion about eighty women underwent a study, and none of them had suffered some type of foot deformity before the study. Some were studied after the use of high heels and the other remained without using the jump, and none of them used fine-tipped shoes.
Through the study it was observed that women who had increased the height of the jump forward two diverted bones, the next phalanx to the hallux and the first metatarsal.
Women who underwent this study, after leaving the use of high heels noted that the finger returned to its normal state, which made it clear that women who wear high heels more than three inches high and frequent way may suffer a detour in long-term bone that will be converted to a permanent deformity.

What happens to women who use this type of footwear throughout their lives?

Approximately 60% of women over age 50 suffer from frequent and severe pain in the legs, usually caused by bunions, a deformity that can affect movement and cause serious back problems, causing them to lose the quality of life. The end result these women can become insecure and often develop depression

What happens to the foot?

The front part of the foot has the function of supporting up to 57% of body weight. With jump four inches high this percentage increases considerably, reaching up to 75% when the heel increases about two centimeters.With the increased load on the foot region usually also appear in the central rigid zones of the feet, these formations are very painful and unable to let the woman get around freely.
In order to prevent these painful deformities is recommended discard wearing shoes with thin point, since they are not able to adequately accommodate the fingers, which remain tight, causing pain and forcing the toe to deviate.
When the deformity of the foot bones is already formed there is no way to remedy it, the alternative is left is to use treatments that reduce pain, since the deviation and loss of mobility can not be recovered with any medical treatment, even if in some cases to resort to surgery to relieve the discomfort in parts.
Thus, we can conclude that it is best not to use this type of shoe. Even if he is responsible for all elegance and style of many women is necessary to be aware that can cause major problems affecting the health of the feet which, moreover, is also important.

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