A new generation of batteries turning oxygen into electrical energy

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Teams of American scientists have succeeded in developing a new generation batteries; it can significantly improve the efficiency of the batteries by the cellular fuel.

The scientists pointed out the possibility of applying this technology for electronic devices used by hand, cars and power plants, making them more efficient and environment friendly in terms of cost.

Include research - published in the latest issue of the journal "Nature Communications" on the Internet - to improve the transport of oxygen, which is the basic element in the conversion of chemical reactions into electrical energy.

Scientists have studied at the University of "South Carolina" America, known as the "gadolinium" material works to transport ions oxygen, using additives and chemical reactions work smart connectors to enhance the efficiency of the battery charge at rates faster and more efficient than electricity.

Scientists believe that the new invention paves the way for the manufacture of next-generation devices for energy conversion and storage with enhanced performance significantly, increasing energy efficiency and make it eco - friendly and sustainable development.

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