Simple Tips for the safety and comfort of the eye

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Simple Tips for the safety and comfort of the eye.. Vitamin A defiance and the continuous usage of computer may leads to extreme fatigue after a period of time.
So what are the exercises that may help to reduce the eye stress.

Three-quarters of sensory impressions arise from reading or sitting in front of the computer for a long time is exhausting and cause dry eye. 

To avoid this there are some exercises that helps to keep the health of eye . German yawning is one of the very useful exercise, it makes body more easily to receive the oxygen and relaxes the jaw muscles and activates the lacrimal gland. 
Body gets vitamin "A" through eating carrots, apricots and milk products have a positive impact on the health of the eye. Lack of vitamin "A" affects visual acuity and may lead to infection and low vision at night.
The optic nerve obtain a sufficient amount of oxygen from the optic artery so the smoking and malnutrition lead to hardening of the arteries, which poses a threat to the eye. 

Stiff neck also affect eyesight, so you must take into account that sit properly. The concentration of sitting in front of a computer screen leads to a decline in the number of times rack eye, affecting the supply necessary for the protection of corneal moisture. This leads to heartburn, redness, or dry eye. It advised if you are working in front of computer screen for long time, took short breaks every hour, if possible.
And do some exercises for the eye to rest, such as: - the closure of the eye and covered the palm of the hand for two minutes. - Drawing circles with a pen in the air and continue drawing the eye to keep the head steady, this exercise strengthens the eye muscle. - To look forward and waving hand near the face. Helps in the ability to see things without focusing directly.

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