LG launches two models of televisions "Super Ultra HD"

It announced that LG Electronics, today announced the expansion of "Super Ultra HD" series launched two new models within the 3D SUPER UHD TV series rattling measuring 55 inches 55UF851T and the second measuring 65 inches 65UF851T.

The company said that both devices are distinguished luxury and design elegance golden pink color, as well as cinema and technology Ultra Ominans, that displays dynamic content accurately Ultra HD 4K 3D + screen.

Said DY Kim, President of LG Electronics Gulf: "looks forward consumers to LG for the finest home entertainment levels and most comprehensive, with the launch of the company's ultra-slim TVs golden pink color, and accurately 4K 3D + Ultra HD, we demonstrate our ability to meet aspirations. Luxury TVs designed to offer consumers the best possible viewing experience, taking into account the exact balance with the beauty of home furniture. "

televisions include measuring 55 and 65-inch display 4K Upscaler flying automatically content with regular precision of exposure on the screen accurately close to the level of 4K, and enjoy two devices the possibility of 4K 60P HEVC that allows video display accurately 4K clearly and without blur at a rate of 60 frames per second. In addition, viewers can enjoy watching carefully 4K content via the USB port or the live broadcast over the Internet without the need for additional equipment.

And it used the LG Technology Ultra Ominans to improve the image quality is more, since this technique works on continuous analysis of the places of brightness and darkness of the content that displays on the screen in order to improve and expand the field of visual expression with the tops of the brightness and darkness to increase the contrast ratio. Depending on the 4K IPS of LG screens, the televisions displays the image with the smallest detail view of the possibility of wide angles.

TV "Super Ultra HD" devices technology include cinema offering the experience of watching a movie through the reduction of the external edges of the screen area to a minimum with the sound quality immersive thanks to designer sound system from Harman company Kardon and use Takinh Ultra screen that gives viewers surround sound feature.

The complete performance of the golden-pink color televisions interface through smart use webOS 2.0 from LG. The advantage of the interface quickly switch between channels, and adjust the settings more quickly while reducing the time it takes to download content, the company strengthened its ease of use, depending on the remote control, which makes your TV Ksholh Use your mouse with computer control.

It should be noted that the new televisions "LG Super Alter HD golden pink color" are available in the UAE at a price of 9,999 AED 55UF851T model measuring 55 inches. 

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