10 Tips for husband and wife healthy life

There are certain things they need to maintain a healthy physical in between husband and wife.
1- After marriage Use Code Word For notifying as.(This helps to understand and to speak each other without knowing someone)

2- Identify the language of body and mind of the desire for partner's bedroom relationship.  
Tell each other contexts identified by the unrecognized contexts. The joy and inspiration to say that he had any lovely message to your spouse.
3- Speak the words to open the messages that the body no doubt misunderstanding. Take the necessary corrections.
4- Use the more emotionality for Instead of thinking of the signs. and most important part in  between the mates acceptance and invitation
5- The thing is going to be able to open any of the identified risk of bedroom desire, say, the relationship with the natural reason.
 6- tell them  Recognizing the risk of bedroom desire Any natural reason of The thing is going to be able to maintain the relationship  ,
informed of the reason for mate Why are this is to be they can now   

7- And when you want to keep free from bedroom relations to avoid such responses.  'No', 'can not', 'can', ' Now, a lot still rising, 
8- Favorite song on the compensation, the presence in the room, adorned with .Does, the smell in the room, and the bed of the elements, such as factors are help to create happy Atmosphere 
9- announce the Rejoicing of relation shortly.  such as the words to say to each other. When he entered various stages and happy movements ,  
10- share to spouse the bed relation desires of the bodily changes

No Need to participate in the good life " educated or scholar "
ability to identify Matters, should be good attitude for change misunderstanding regularly ,happy bedroom relationship is not only in the bedroom creation,  it can be  need  to influence  of components and occasions To know, is to recognize that the way to prepares the physical mistreatment for  close relationship.

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