Apple launches version 9.0.2 OS operating system

Apple launched on Thursday, version 9.0.2, which holds a number of "EOS" system operator Smart organs, to serve with him some of the problems found in the previous version, which start trading last week.

The "EOS 9.0.2 system" fit problems related to the application Instant iMessage, and iCloud Backup, and screen rotation, as well as improvements related to the stability of audio releases "Busacct".

And brings the new update, which has a volume of 62.1 Mijaaata, a fix for a problem with the settings on and off the Internet through the consumption of mobile networks, also it brings a fix for a problem that had prevented the activation application Instant  iMessage,

From any OS operating system and fit version 9.0.2 prevent the problem was taking a backup to cloud storage service "Aaclaud" of Apple during the manual backup procedure, also fit the wrong screen rotation that occurs when the receiving notices update.

In addition to the issuance of "any or S 9.0.2," Apple has stopped signing 8.4.1 and 9.0 versions of the operating system, which means depriving the users who are using the most recent of them to return to them versions.

The Apple launched on Wednesday "OS X El Capitan" OS X El Capitan, which is the latest version of the desktop operating of its system, and said that exploits the features and design of "OS X Iossimte system OS X Yosemite, and" live up the experience of the use of Mac through updates in windows management, built-in applications, and search Spotlight, in addition to the performance improvements make everyday tasks such as running and switch applications and open a PDF and e-mail files faster and more responsive. "

Apple also said on Monday it had sold more than 13 million units of Hatveeha new "iPhone 6 S", and "iPhone 6 S-Pulse", through the end of the holiday last week, to check that a new record, and overtake the record sales year phone last "iPhone 6", as expected. 

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