Chocolate protect you from premature birth

A recent study revealed that chocolate protects pregnant women from the serious complications of premature birth. The mothers who ate chocolate less likely to get per-eclampsia, which kills thousands of embryos every year, causing high blood pressure significantly in pregnant women, the occurrence of liver and kidney problems, and increase the proportion of albumin in the urine.

The researchers attributed the role of chocolate to contain a substance theobromine, especially dark chocolate is very useful for pregnant women they work to dilate blood vessels, stimulate the heart, relaxes the smooth muscles and maintain the stability of blood pressure.

The study also pointed out that chocolate contributes to having healthier and happier children, and this is due to the material responsible for improving the mood and reduce stress, such as ethyl vinyl Amin in chocolate transmitted from the mother to the fetus and stimulate the secretion of the hormone serotonin ,the hormone for happiness.

chocolates are rich in antioxidants, calcium that is essential in bone growth of the fetus and caffeine ,they contained in chocolates helps to reduce blood flow to the placenta during pregnancy

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