Health tips for computer Users

Most of us sit for long hours in front of computer screens and unfortunately there are many habits that leads to diseases, so let us look into some health tips that are useful while using the computer. 

Helpful tips to optimize the use of the computer:

1:- There must be strong, appropriate and comfortable lighting in the room in order to keep our eyes safe

2:- There must be 70 cm distance between your computer screen and your eyes so as not to affect the view.

3:- Must clean your computer screen from dust before Working. 

4:- The mouse should be positioned at the operator's side with his or her arm close to the body . The upper arm should not be elevated or extended while using the mouse.

5:- Lift up the brightness of the screen to reduce the concentration of the eyes. 

6:- Must place the keyboard above the level of the elbow 

7:- close your eyes to relieve them from time to time so as not to strain your eyes

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