Get a blonde hair with henna

Today we'll help you to know the secret source for you get a blond hair of natural henna mixed with lemon juice.

How so?

This mixture is applied for 10 hours through the night and are rinsed hair in the morning.

1- Ingredients

  - A bowl of glass.

  - Spoon of wood.

  - Keratin.

  - Argan oil.

  - 1 liter of lemon juice.

  - 250 g of henna.

2- Heat the water 20ml ( approximate )

3- Put ingredients in the bowl and mix well.

4- Add lemon juice and add a small amount of water if the paste solid.

5- Pouring water little by little until you get a viscous mixture and Add some fatty substances such as (Yogurt cheese and sour cream) And Add half tablespoon of vegetable oil so as not to dry your hair.

6- This mixture applied on your hair. ( wear the glove on hand )

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