Apple preparing to support Internet revolutionary Li-Fi technology in iPhone

The newly emerged indicating that Apple preparing to support the revolutionary Internet "Lay-Fi" technology in iPhone smart phones, A technique that provides speed to excel as allowed under the current "Wi-Fi" technology is 100 times,
And allow you to download high-definition "HD" HD video in a few seconds.

Have been found in recent versions of the operating system "EOS" the signal for "Lay-Fi",
A high-speed wireless networks that use pulses of light to transmit data experimental protocol,
And marketed it as a long-term networks "Wi-Fi"  alternative.

Starting from version 9.1 of "any or feed" system, Operator of smart devices Apple,
Stated in the file "cache for the library," said the phrase "Lay-Fi" ability Capability along with other functions supported by the system.
It is noteworthy that "wifi" Technology Li-Fi operate in a manner quite different from the control devices operating infrared, since the movement of data by modulating the light source,
To receive by the device to sense the light before it is assembled into an electronic signal.

And used to "wifi" Technology Li-Fi, which provides speeds of up to 224 Gbps,
Visible light, but the configuration happens in a way imperceptible to the human eye, which means that the same lamp which is used to light the house can serve as an access point to the data.
This technique is not still in the experimental stage, but a number of companies are working on marketing.

In addition to the references to the software support "for the wifi" Technology Li-Fi, it is known that Apple is working on a solid hardware applications for the transfer of wireless data on the basis of light, optical or wireless communications.

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