Always On: Ambient Clock For your android Phone

It owns Android modern devices such as the Galaxy S7 and LG G5 On Always feature that allows for screen phone displays the time and alerts permanently without the consumption of a large amount of energy, and this feature is useful in many cases, when the user needs to know the time or the alerts received without touching or opens the device.

With the introduction of Always On: Ambient Clock developer Arab hands of the user can take advantage of the Always On feature on all Android devices that has a screen of AMOLED type, and if it is used with TVs of a different kind that may cause a significant decrease in battery level.

The application is characterized by the possibility of the clock display only at the moment, with the possibility of choosing the font used by a large group of 700 line, but the line selection requires a paid version, also it allows you to change the size and color and transparency of the line, and prefer to reduce the brightness and transparency as much as possible from within the application to ease battery consumption as much as possible. 

 Always On: Ambient Clock App Download Link Here

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