Kaspersky warning about a new type of malicious "Locky " Ransomware.

 Kaspersky Lab has launched a warning about a new type of malicious Ransomware, which was able to detect and called it Locky name, a malicious software seen widespread in most parts of the world where the Kaspersky Security Network earlier reporting of such attacks in 114 countries, and the State of Kuwait came in third place in terms of exposure to the highest number of attacks by 976 attack. The results of the analysis of a sample software that Locky is a kind of new malicious software ransom that were written from scratch.

The Locky encrypts infected by the user's files, and then presented him a letter asking him to pay a ransom in exchange for the decryption for these files. In addition to the encryption process, the software to deploy itself through spam messages document Word suffix (doc) where they are to open the attached file to download and implementation of malicious software, then you are dialing from the user clicking on a link, and after the user clicks it, the malicious software to read data the user being infected.

The malicious Ransomware is today as one of the most categories of malicious attacks, growth and development, which are included in the category of malicious software encryption, and highlights the seriousness of Locky for being able to spread widely, where the attack did not target a specific area, but was able to access the computers in 114 countries . 

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