Make a Free Security camera With your old Android phone

Many users may own an older mobile operating system Android is no longer using it, it can revive these devices in a simple way and use it as a security camera, and is available a small number of applications that can be suitable for this purpose, such as the application of "Alfred " which is an easy way to find out if your home safe when you are away. 

 All the user needs is a phone Android to calculate e mail login on each phone, and then the first phone becomes a camera security cameras while the second phone uses to watch what is being filmed, and allows the application of surveillance to identify viewers multiple cameras, you can see the living room or child's bed in less Three seconds after selecting the camera.


Application and quality control and pressing the video stream based on the speed of the Internet, and can send pictures via message when it detects movement, and then he can live tuning, and have the application possibility of remote control, allowing the user to stop and start recording and get the alerts and see what you see the camera.

 Alfred Home Security Camera App Click Here

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