Release Android Studio version 2.0 with radical changes

Google Inc. announced the Release programming Android applications "Android Studio's Version 2.0 with the major renovation.
The company said that the new version contains significant changes in the program, including adding new features and tools, as well as to improve program performance and the Android Emulator  it. 

Android Emulator

In the new version, Simulator Android became the benefit of the device resources, in the event of a user device that has a multi-core processor, the emulator can now use these molecules to improve its performance, Google says that this amendment gives developers the Android emulator three times faster than the existing transcription Previous.

In addition to improving performance and speed, one of the features that have been added to the emulator is to support the processes of interaction with the emulator, such as multi-touch  two-way screen and drag to zoom in or out Pinch the center of the screen to zoom..

Instant Run

In previous versions, the developers need to reinstall the application Re-compile assemble, and enthroned again when you make any modification to the application during its programming. But with the presence of the immediate play feature Instant Run, Once you make any modification to the application, the Android Studio will display these changes directly in the application without having to waste time in previous operations.

Lab testing Cloud

 Added testing Lab cloud feature newly android studio, offering the possibility of application experience across a number of different devices of different  (vertical screen or horizontal, for example), without the need to own these devices, providing Google these devices via the services of cloud to help developers to build applications running on most devices.

Indexing applications

This feature allows developers to figure out how to apply them in the emergence of Google's search results, App Store applications, and offers suggestions for improving the application URL or link characteristics Attributes to improve the ranking appears.

Debugger graphical errors

For developers of games and graphics applications that are used heavily, and with a graphical debugger, they were able to track the graphical problems, not just the software and correct to get results and better performance.

This major update to the program after about three years on the first Fluency interspersed by dozens of minor updates to come, with this update is the most prominent is the amount of tools and add-ons it offers.

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