3 Simple Tips To Improve Your Internet Surfing Experience

There are a lot of problems that cause on social networks users anxiety and frustration such as forgotten passwords, malware, harmful, spam, publications that cause headaches and raise the pressure.


So here are 3 light tips to help you improve your browsing experience ..

Use Mute Option on social networks.

Sometimes on social networks is a very positive step, but of course you will not like all the publications that these friends share.
So instead of bothering to read some of your displeasing things, you can use the "Mute" options provided by social networks.

And because you do not want to have more drama when a friend is banned altogether or deleted from your friends list, you can just hide all the posts you share on Facebook by unsubscribing or muting his Twitter tweets.

Organize old accounts


 Many of us have multiple e-mail accounts or on social networks, but over time you will find that many accounts are no longer needed.

 It is preferable to delete your accounts that you do not use permanently, which allows you to organize your identity online and deal more smoothly while browsing.

Private browsing

 It's good to browse the Internet without recording anything you do on your browser, such as the sites you've visited or the searches you've done, to ensure a safer and more secure browsing experience.

Most browsers provide "incognito" browsing, including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

 Turn on a tab in private browsing, Use the following shortcuts: 

Ctrl + Shift + N 
Ctrl + Shift + P

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