Apple plans to add live streaming sysytem In ios 11

Apple plans to launch the live broadcast feature of iPhone phones with the launch of the final public version of its iOS 11 operating system, a new feature emerged in the third beta version of the next release developers suggest that the feature of the live
broadcast, The company is considering launching a feature that allows users to start live streaming through the device's home screen.
The button now performs the same function as when the screen recording button is pressed, so that the video file is stored in the camera studio, indicating that the button can be connected to third-party applications. Screen sharing is ideal for live streaming video games and even for business meetings.

In the third trial of its new operating system, the company added a "start-up" option, and although the button does nothing now, many reports have suggested that it may eventually work with AirPlay, where the AirPlay Within the control center, which may make the function assigned to the new button is screen sharing during the live stream.
It may be logical to think that the company wants to facilitate content sharing across platforms through third-party applications and the new screen capture feature, where it is theoretically possible to share the screen via YouTube or Facebook during live streaming by pressing the button, The company has a new live broadcast application or new functionality coming.

The company can promote its business services that include iCloud, App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay and iTunes via live streaming, a feature that has not received any attention from Apple so far, where the company achieved up to $ 7 billion of revenue in the second quarter through Services, it is in the interest of the company to continue to expand its services in order to maintain its competitiveness.

There are some explanations as to whether the company can announce its live broadcast service along with the iPhone 8, as speculation will continue for the new button and its function until Apple completes the trial version of the system and releases the final release to the public, All the features fall this year. 

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