Etisalat Digital launches M2M In-Vehicle WiFi to provide Wi-Fi internet in transport vehicles

Etisalat has announced that it has enabled its business customers to provide Wi-Fi connectivity on their vehicles by launching the M2M In-vehicle WiFi service.

 The new service enables carriers to provide high-speed Wi-Fi on their
vehicles while ensuring the highest levels of security and reliability based on M2M technology.

Etisalat said today that the telecommunications sector is witnessing a growing demand by users to provide high-speed, Wi-Fi connectivity in homes, offices and public areas. Today's carriers are moving to provide Wi-Fi access for all passengers to enable them to invest more time on the go, including students.

It is believed that the launch of Etisalat Digital for the M2M In-vehicle WiFi service will meet the growing demand among companies to enable them to provide high speed Wi-Fi for all passengers.

The company explained that the M2M In-vehicle WiFi service uses a Wi-Fi gateway for vehicles and is compatible with the protocols necessary to make the service compatible with the Internet Service Provider (PIAP) standards of the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. Thus, Etisalat Digital enables its business customers to become Internet service providers (PIAPs) and provide Wi-Fi access to users.

The new service enables business customers to instantly see the amount of Wi-Fi consumption. The service is supported by Etisalat Center for automated communication between the M2M Control Center and Etisalat's advanced infrastructure.

"The launch of this innovative solution will enhance our IT services in the UAE and in line with the Government's long-term vision to enable intelligent transport," said Alberto Arac, Vice President, Internet and Intelligent Payment Solutions, Etisalat Digital. Throughout the state. We have also enhanced this new solution with a business model that helps our customers in the government sector, small and medium enterprises and large enterprises to provide service to customers and the public without complications. "

By offering Wi-Fi in buses and vehicles to car rental companies and to customers in the aviation and hospitality sectors, the new service enables us to excel in delivering services and thus provide a highly enhanced customer experience. "

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