Vertu Luxury Mobile Company Ends Production

The British company Vertu has failed to save itself from bankruptcy, leading to a halt in the manufacturing process. The Financial Times reported that the company, which appears to have debts of about 138 million pounds, will be closed with about 200 job losses, The news comes as a surprise, given that the company recently signed a technology sharing agreement with the Chinese giant TCL.
Turkish businessman Murad Hakan Ozan bought the company in March for $ 64 million, after it was sold and resold by a number of investors. Ozane, who currently lives in Paris, will retain Vertu's brand, technology and design licenses and plans Future in reviving the company again, according to a person familiar with the plans of the current owner of the company weights.

Vertu began its career in 1998 under the Finnish company Nokia, where the company represented Nokia's luxury phone arm. The company collapsed with the collapse of its parent company, to be sold in 2012 to the EQT VI financial group, which it held until 2015, Based conglomerate Holdings in Hong Kong.

Ozan pledged to help the company reach its full status. The British Telegraph newspaper called Ozan a descendant of a Turkish family of exiled Turkish businessmen and a member of one of Turkey's most controversial families. Ozan also had an intermittent relationship with Nokia after borrowing money from the company to launch a mobile service company in his homeland.

Verteau is not the first luxury phone manufacturer to struggle to survive in the mobile world, especially in the past few months. Sirin, which boasts the same luxury and safety of Vertu phones, has stopped producing equipment after less than a year in a world dominated by companies Such as Apple, Samsung and BBK increasingly.

It seems unlikely that the aspects that made Vertu's unique handset maker come back again were the home of a group of skilled teams who worked on collecting Vertu phones using materials such as ostrich skin, crocodile, precious metals, jewelry, sapphire and gold. The resulting technically old but extraordinarily expensive ones up to $ 30,000.

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